About Us

My name is Anna Irish Price and, along with my husband Russell, am the proud owner of Villa Ohana. We are in the corporate aviation business and that requires us to live overseas and travel for work extensively. After several years of Asian living, we are currently located in the Middle East.

When we are on our downtime, we are either checking off our "bucket list" of worldwide places to explore, visiting family in New England or relaxing in our Hawaiian home, where we enjoy the Aloha spirit and the Hawaiian culture.  The Big Island has a special place in our hearts, as this was where we were married. This is the place that makes us the happiest, so we decided to finally own a piece of this paradise. We needed a place to come home to and call our very own.

On the other hand, we love the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Sea, culture, food, history, and the people. Kalkan, Turkey has always maintained that special vibrancy along with stunning scenic beauty, and we recently decided to purchase a vacation home here as well. Now we can enjoy the best of two worlds: the Pacific and the Mediterranean.

Of course, we can’t be in both places at once and work also takes us far away from both homes, so sharing the villas allows family, friends and guests to enjoy their comforts. To symbolically link our new Kalkan seafront home with our Hawaiian Villa, we decided on the name Villa Ohana. In Hawaii “Ohana” means family and we hope your family will feel right at home during your holiday.

We enjoy our visits to our villas. We are confident you will, too, and I pledge to assist you to make your dream vacation a reality.